Tetap semangat.

Thank you all for showing up today . I was truly surpriced to see people from all age groups – from little children, brought by their parents to elderly people who want to see Bandung clean and nice once more as it was in the old days.

1891137_834959249851274_161913857_nJust for the two hours I was in there we were able to gather 35 + big trash bags, which were taken away by a truck provided by another supporter of our cause. I’m so happy to learn that despite me and the first group of people leaving, there are many more that keep coming to the area and keep cleaning as I write this.

Of course all the journalist were there, looking for scandal and contraversy, which got their attention in the first place but soon after they were distracted from it. They actually gave attention to all the people who came in there to get down and dirty and heard what they have to say.

The people themselves exchanged their information and promised to meet again, this time without me and keep cleaning different areas of the city.

We met the park rangers, who were hard at work with their brooms. You should all go and see how the park looks like now and remember that this is how it should look at all times.

I also saw several newspaper headlines talking about the littering and the people who do it. Now the focus is no longer on me or my blog and people start asking themselves where the problem is coming from and trying to solve it.

I hope Indonesian media will keep the interest in those issues alive without me or someone else having to write another contraversial, offensive artice. Stop chasing drug addicted comedians and dangdut singers, show the many people who are trying to help their city long before I decided to start a circus that you monkeys will run after with your cameras.

I believe that my “job” is done. In a good or bad away I brought some awareness not only in the “dunia maya” but in the real one as well. I urge you to tweet less and clean more. Your life is out there not in here. Less talking- more action.

If you want to help, please google about all the NGO’s that have been working on those issues for quite some time now.

Now that they have your attention, you should focus on that, create your own cleaning groups and take care of your own city. I’m sure that if you keep the good spirit and the action in less than a year Bandung is going to be beautiful once more. Don’t try to blame others, if you don’t like something. Just try to fix it.

Tetap semangat, warga Bandung~~~Thank you


15 thoughts on “Tetap semangat.

  1. So I gather everything went well then? Thank you for your effort. And yeah, no matter how small it is, hopefully it will raise more awareness in this matter.

  2. I want to thank you for what you’ve done… the critic, the pigs, and its eventual attention. I hope this set a new course for people of Bandung’s perspective.

  3. Never thought I would thank anyone calling other people pigs 🙂
    But THANK YOU Inna! Looks like you have started a movement from the government and the people.
    Let’s keep Bandung (and hopefully, other places too) clean!

  4. Kerrenn,terimakasih banyak sekali mbak iva..kami senang ada orang bule yang mau mengkritik kami seperti ini,karena orang indo sudah pekak dengan nasihat dari saudara sebangsanya sendiri..semoga cepat kembali ke indo lg ya hhe(semoga iva’seffect masih bertahan sampai saat itu)

    • It was sorted out – all the plastic went to a tukang sampah, who sells it for recycling for a living (I gave him a day off work), the glass was washed and is currently being re-used by a poor family who live near me and the paper was recycled.

  5. I understand the effect of your article, in both good and bad way. But what I couldn’t understand is the fact you remove it. I joined this whole ‘City of pigs’ train extremely late…and I’m very curious about it. Would you mind to re-post it again please ?

    • Which article? The one you are asking ( “The City of pigs”, right?) is still public on my blog. The other one I took off because I didn’t have time to approve all troll comments- you know WordPress, you have to approve everything. I don’t keep a copy, but I think there is still some way you can read it through google.

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