Native Americans in the US Today: Oppressed and Ignored

Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle

Navajo reservation, ArizonaNavajo reservation, Arizona

by Rowland Keshena (author of the By Any Means Necessary blog)

…How many non-Indians remember Alcatraz? The BIA seizure? The Mayflower II? The second or even the first Wounded Knee incidents? How many of you know why it is that Leonard Peltier is in prison? Ever hear of Russell Means, Ward Churchill, Vine Deloria Jr. Winnona LaDuke, or Dennis Banks? Anyone recall the American Indian Movement? Ever hear the phrase Red Power or Uncle Tomahawk?

I won’t hold it against you if you haven’t heard of, or aware of, all or some on that list, because to be truthful, many people are unaware of our situation. Some people are even ignorant enough to assume that because some nations have done well for themselves via the new buffaloes a.k.a the casino and oil rackets, that we all have money oozing out of every pore in our bodies.


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